Russian Brides Dating

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There is no secret in the fact that Russian girls are very attractive. Apart from the beauty they possess, Russian ladies have unique mental qualities that make them beautiful Russian wives. For that reason, men from all over the world are thinking about how to find a Russian bride. They want to create a strong family bonds with such a woman.

At the same time, it is not very simple to date your Russian beauty if you don’t know how to do it. Moreover, Russian ladies are somewhat confident and can be touchy enough. That’s why Russian girls require taking a specific approach. Let’s know more about Russian beauties and why men over the globe like them so much.

Russian Brides Features

Stunning beauty

Russian women are gorgeous. Moreover, they hear such remarks constantly. Russian women are aware that they are beautiful, they like to make themselves beautiful, and they enjoy being beautiful. The secret of this exceptional beauty lies in the specific mixing of Western and Eastern features. Here is the result – a charming combination of East and West: high cheekbones and round faces, the softness of features and light skin, green/blue/grey eyes, and mainly dark rustic or dark chestnut hair.

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Support and friendliness

Russian women have great power of endurance and patience. Russia is a “women’s” country according to research on intercultural communication. It implies a system of values prevailing in the society. So-called “masculine” qualities are competitiveness, ambition, and accumulation of material wealth. Whereas “women’s” qualities consider human relations and quality of life first. This fact explains a lot about Russia – Russian wives’ are supportive, kind, and have developed maternal instinct.


Russian women have power. Their strength is in patience, in the ability to forgive, in the struggle for the survival of themselves and their families, in staying beautiful, despite all the hardships of life. But most of all, their strength is that they show their weakness, especially concerning men. There is a game in this – a game with a change of roles that they know and perform ingeniously.

Why Foreign Men Look for Russian Brides

Because of their stunning appearance

For most Russian girls, life is a podium, so they should always look gorgeous. The fact that Russian girls always look good can be a bit frightening. After all, if you’re going to go out somewhere with your Russian beauty, you have to make a lot of effort to look decent against her background.

Because they are loyal and faithful

A Russian girl will be the most loyal friend to you, the best adviser, a competent critic, and even a personal doctor if you get sick. Women in Russia are caring and gentle; they are always ready to support you and go through any troubles together.

The best example of the loyalty of Russian women is the wives of Decembrists. In the 19th century, in Russia, nobles revolted against the king. For this, they were sent to lifelong exile in Siberia. Their wives followed their men voluntarily and shared all the hardships of life in cold, desert lands.

Russian brides: features, loyalty, online dating beautiful Russian women

Because they are smart

Apart from strength and beauty, Russian women are often well-educated and hardworking. Literacy and the level of education of the Russian population are relatively high. Besides, Russian women consider it necessary to develop and invest in their education.

Top Dating Sites to find a Russian Bride

Choosing an international dating site is always a little bit of a lottery. After all, even on the website with the largest base of women’s profiles and potential brides, you may not find your soulmate. And another site suddenly will require you to switch to paid services. And they’ll do everything they can to make you pay. However, we selected the top three sites for dating Russian girls you can trust.


You can create a profile here in seconds using easy registration. For a better search, you need to add your account photo. Searching the database is also easy. Using various options and filters, you can also set selection criteria to help you find the perfect match.

The variety of services on the site also surprises. For example, you go to the site and see an offer to look through the questionnaires of those who have registered very recently. Here, on the homepage of the website, you will see an offer to look at the new photos added in the last three days.


VictoriaDates is the first on the Internet specialized dating site where it is possible to meet Russian women (even those who live outside their birth country). The intense rhythm of modern life sometimes leaves no time and no opportunity to find the soulmate in traditional ways. Dating sites are the only place where without going out, you will be able to meet many single Russian women.

VictoriaDates provides all registered users with full and completely free access to the database, free posting of your questionnaire and photos on the site, as well as guarantees the confidentiality of your correspondence and the possibility to exchange signs of attention with other users of this resource.

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The site pays much attention to the psychology of paired relationships. An individual psychological test has been developed for this purpose. Then, when selecting questionnaires, it will be enough to click on a line offering surveys of compatible partners to speed up the search. Someone it can help or vice versa. There are also tips on communication, relationship development, correspondence, information about cultural differences that a woman may face when meeting a foreign man.

Are Russian Women Worth Marrying?

Russian women are more kind, caring, pleasant in communication, and interested in the family than Western women. Another critical aspect, though not the most important, is their beauty. A Russian girl needs to emphasize her femininity through clothing. The hair should be perfect, the makeup and clothes also have to be impeccable.

Russian girls don’t expect you to hearten them at once: they don’t live in a romantic film where everything is perfect. It may take a long time to win the trust of a Russian woman, so be very careful and do not take the wrong steps. If you are too intrusive on the first date, she will cool down and treat you with great suspicion.

While Russians, being passionate lovers, are both angels of the home hearth. At a tender age, they are already engaged in all cases on au pair. They cook perfectly, not forgetting to show fantasy. Many of them know how to sew – like a magic wand piece of fabric; they turn into a trendy dress.

Russian Women Cultural Differences to Keep in Mind

Russian women are rather independent

This powerful image of an independent woman who doesn’t need help or protection from men is quite truthful. Girls in Russia do not believe in perfect relationships and think that even if they find their prince, they should be able to support themselves.

Career and receiving a second higher education for many of them is much more attractive than finding someone who will appreciate individuality and freedom. Russian women are independent and quite stubborn. Even perhaps too much. On the other hand, its fighting character will help you both overcome difficult times.

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They have high expectations

Russian women are very demanding. They want more than just a guy who will love them to madness. They want the best man in the world who, at the same time, loves them to madness. Russian beauty expects you to behave like a gentleman: open doors in front of her, help to put a coat on, present flowers on a date. So if you’re not of this type of man, you shouldn’t even try to build a relationship with a Russian lady.

You’ll have to melt the ice in a relationships

Russian ladies are used to keeping their distance before getting close to any of the new friends. The Russian girl will seem like the Snow Queen, even if she is in love with you (especially if she is in love with you!).


Russian girl believes that her partner is the best person on Earth: the most talented, the strongest, the smartest. She genuinely thinks so because she values herself very highly. And if Russian lady considers herself queen, she could choose only the king and treat him accordingly, as a royal individual – with respect, care, love, and support. But if you think devotion is too dull, you better not meet Russian girls. So, Russian lady will become your best friend and partner, if you are lucky to find your Russian beauty.